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The Ukrainian situation

Martin Ruvalcaba, Freelance reporter
January 28, 2014 • 313 views
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By now, most of us have heard about the huge situation in the country of Ukraine. The people are rebelling against a national government they believe has not served them whatsoever. Unfortunately, the rebellion has already turned to bloodshed in some areas, as the people demand the head of their president.

In the entire Ukraine, people have been rebelling against their national government. The nation’s capital of Kiev has become a hotspot for the rebellion. This position has been described as the place where President Viktor Yanukovych is the most vulnerable. Yet in some areas like the city of Vinnytsya (250 kilometers southwest of Kiev), the people have already overthrown the state and city government that exists in a republic. State Officials like the governors have already been overthrown and many more have come under threat. It has been recorded by the citizens that 10 of 27 hand-picked governors have been relieved of their jobs in the regional government. In fact, the city of Vinnytsya had their regional government building renamed to the “People’s Council”. When these activists in Vinnystya where asked why there was such hatred and rebellion towards the national and regional government, a Ukrainian teacher named Julia replied, “We want to live a proper life, a new life with a proper government”.

The activists have told media sources that Viktor Yanukovych had tried to make a compromise deal with the rebels in Kiev and was turned down. The Ukrainian situation had actually started 2 months ago, when President Yanukovych was pressured by the Russians into declining a pact to become part of the European Union. The people of Ukraine all wanted to be part of the European Union, so they demanded that Yanukovych step down, or the people would react to oust him of power. Of course, Yanukovych refused to step down, and the people, like they said they would, have reacted. The first instances of the protests began in the same city of Kiev, where masked men captured a building that the special operatives of Kiev were using until the “conquest”. Europe has actually not taken a side in the current situation.

The Ukrainian protests/rebellion has excelled in the last months. With the refusal of European Union, the people have agreed to oust President Yanukovych of power. Europe wants no part in this.

The Ukraine is in a very terrible state of disagreement and bloodshed.

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