How is Climate Change affecting our World


Sebastian Scoseria

Did you know that climate change is affecting our world because of worsening air and water quality that can impact human health? According to Worldlife, there is more frequent and intense drought, storms, heatwaves, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and warming oceans that can directly harm animals, destroy the places they live, and wreak havoc on people’s livelihoods and communities. This matters because animals also need places to live, without them, crops would not grow, bees would not pollinate flowers and everything would be imbalanced.


Climate change affects our lives because it can cause damage to our homes. According to State of the Planet, floods, the most common and deadly natural disasters in the U.S., will likely be exacerbated and intensified by sea-level rise and extreme weather. This means that flooding is the most common disaster in the U.S and flooding can cause severe damage to homes, like breaking your furniture and appliances, and damaging wiring. Another reason why climate change is affecting our everyday lives is that outdoor work could become more severe due to rising temperatures. According to State of the Planet, with continued global warming, heat waves are expected to increase in frequency, duration, and intensity. This means a gradual increase in temperature is expected due to climate change. Climate change can cause disasters such as natural disasters, diseases, and more, according to NASA climate change can cause new patterns of pests and diseases to emerge, affecting plants, animals, and humans, and posing new risks for food security, food safety, and human health. This means that climate change could cause things that could affect everyone in this world.


In conclusion, climate change is affecting our world, but there is something that we can do about it. We should be more Conservative with Energy Usage and Walk or ride our bikes more often to stop pollution.