The Dolphin Tide

Eighth Grade Panoramic Picture

Daniel Cervantes O.

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On Friday, March 9th, 2018, over 800 8th graders had been lead by their teachers to the P.E. field for the eighth grade panoramic picture during sixth period. The picture took about forty-three minutes, even though the picture was said to take at least twenty minutes (according to the papers that every teacher with an eight grade class; the photographers told everyone many times to put their hands down, and of course, everyone did the opposite of what they were instructed, which resulted in the extension of the time it took just to take a picture! 

The students were acting disruptive, then they would get kicked out of the picture. Many teachers have witnessed the act many times, but, you gotta do what you gotta do right? Speaking of which, one the students in the second row of bleachers had got kicked out because of his disruptive behavior; hope he´s learned his lesson. Besides that fact, lots of people were cramped together; many students had been moving and squirming just to feel comfortable. Though lots of eight graders had been a nuisance to the instructors, there were always those few that were respectful and followed directions. The picture was finally taken and the eighth graders walked to their sixth period classrooms to collect their items that were left in the classroom. Hopefully the people who purchased the panoramic picture will enjoy watching all the eight grade students of Dodson Middle School!



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Eighth Grade Panoramic Picture