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March Madness

Daniel Cervantes, Staff Writer

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March Madness happens during the month of March. It’s where college teams play against each other in basketball. In March it’s not really about the pros, like the people in the NBA like Kyrie Irvin. It’s about the college players that are practicing to become a pros, and are training to get looked at by pro coaches like Luke Walton from the Lakers.  They are going to try their best to even get a pro coach to look at them and hopefully get drafted to the NBA. Drafting is when they play a certain sport that they are really good at, and wait into a team wants them to play for the pros.  Hopefully the player they chose can fit the team. Like one famous person that got drafted UCLA college was Lonzo Ball that now is the Lakers’ point guard.  This is related to Mr. Bowker’s lunchtime March Madness tournament, which gives students the opportunity to have that competitive feeling like they would have. Marc Morales said, ”I think it was cool to see people play their hardest.”

Adrian Cardona said,  “It was cool to see people play for their passion which was basketball.”

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March Madness