The Dolphin Tide

Soccer Season!!

Marco Figueroa and Adrian Cardona

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Here at Dodson most of us love sports and for any soccer player out there you know that Soccer Season is coming up! That’s right it’s coming up, so right now it’s a perfect time for you to gather up your friends and making a team so you can compete at lunch. We have even gathered 2 people that we play soccer with and those people are Amber Garcia and  and we asked them many questions that regard to the season starting and conferred with them. As much as it was fun we must know that everyone has their own opinion about the Soccer Season coming up, we are happy because we play soccer, and maybe people are happy for Football Season, this is just their opinion maybe you agree or disagree. Soccer season has started the stats are posted in both the boy’s and girls locker room. Soccer season has already started and nobody can wait till we can call out the winners of the Dodson Middle School Soccer Season.


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Soccer Season!!