What is crystal healing? Crystal healing originated from many civilizations; such as ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. It’s said that if you´re in possession of a gemstone, it will grant you either physical or psychological healing. This belief is mostly practiced by pagans. Different crystals will have different properties; we will review the most common gemstones and their different healing properties.



If you are in possession of a Garnet, it will bring serenity and passion, inspire love and devotion, alleviate emotional disharmony, activate and strengthen survival instincts, and bring you courage and hope.



If you own an Amethyst it will relieve stress, calm anger and rage, calm sadness and grief, rid negativity, and open your intuition.



If you have an Aquamarine stone, it will reduce stress, quiet the mind, invoke tolerance of others, help overcome judgmentalism, and will also support those overwhelmed with responsibility.



If you are in possession of a Diamond it will bring love and clarity, instill trust in relationships, block stress, and clear emotional and mental pain, along with reducing fear.



If you own an Emerald, it will bring freshness to the spirit, inspire patience, bring unity, strengthen compassion, and add unconditional love.



If you have a Pearl it will bring faith, enhance the integrity, help you focus, increase your morality, and strengthen loyalty.



If you are in possession of Alexandrite, it will protect against blood cancer, deal with chronic disorders, regulate digestion, relieve neurology problems, and stimulate good health.



If you own a Ruby it will enhance motivation, create a feeling of divine love, encourage the exploration of new thoughts and ideas, boost confidence, and enhance personality.



If you have an Opalite stone, it will bring purity, stabilize mood swings, help overcome tiredness, give strength, and encourage success.


Rose Quartz

If you are in possession of a Rose Quartz, it will purify and open the heart at all levels to promote love, help to comfort in times of grief, It also will dispel negativity and replace it with loving vibes, encourage self-forgiveness and acceptance, and invoke self-trust and self-worth.


Lapis Lazuli

If you own Lapis Lazuli it will open your mind, give enlightenment, encourage self-awareness, make you confident, bring you peace and harmony, and put you in a good mood throughout the day.


Do you believe in crystal healing? Are you willing to try it out? Do your friends do or know about the practice of crystal healing?