The Legendary McDonald’s Franchise has been a fast food restaurant making history in America. McDonald’s might be the first thing that comes up when thinking about fast food.


History of McDonald

McDonald’s is everywhere! According to the article, WHOPPING FIGURES How many McDonald’s restaurants are there in the world? By Alice Fuller, McDonald has 39,198 restaurants all over the world as every 14.5 hours a new McDonald store is born (Connor Howes). It all started in 1940 when the McDonald Brothers, Maurice and Richard built the first McDonald restaurant in San Bernardino, California. The Richard Brothers and Maurice started with their Drive-in restaurant called Airdome which they later planned a new restaurant called McDonald. This restaurant wasn’t just a normal restaurant; they had cheap prices such as a Cheeseburger for only 15 cents and a speedy service system to help their customers from waiting(Britannica).Later in their business Ray Kroc came into the McDonald’s business as he went from Franchising the Restaurant to owning the whole McDonald’s business (Britannica McDonald’s).

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald was created after Bozo the Clown’s TV show went off the air, McDonald partnered with Willard Scott made the legendary Ronald McDonald and became what it is today says  Wikipedia.

The conclusion

This concludes that McDonald history is OK and that Ronald McDonald is legendary. 


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