Mythbusting Lies Parents Told Us As Kids

   Have your parents ever told you myths, tall stories, or body facts that turned out to be false? We’ll be going over some of the ones that our parents told us about. From knuckle cracking and arthritis, to gum in your stomach for 7 years, here is the TRUTH behind myths we were told as kids.

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   “Swallowing gum will stay in your stomach for 7 years.” This is in fact a lie. Fabian Ortega who wrote the story, ”Can Gum Really Stay In Your Stomach For Seven Years?” says, “Just like typical foods, the base of chewing gum travels down the stomach, into the intestines, and out of the body.” However, in the same article he says that if you continuously keep swallowing gum, it could lead to intestinal and esophageal obstructions, so we suggest not swallowing the entire pack of gum, but to only swallow it occasionally.

( Donald Unger Cracking his knuckles)
(picture of Donal Unger cracking his knuckles) Picture source by: Ventura Country Star



After hearing a satisfying POP while cracking your knuckles, do you ever wonder if that cracking could be your knuckles slowly falling apart and deteriorating? Well, you’re in luck, because it’s not! According to”Will Cracking my Knuckles Give Me Arthritis?”, an article from BBC Two,  a man named Donald Unger ran an experiment where he only cracked the knuckles on his left hand for 50 years. He didn’t get arthritis in any of his hands, which proves that cracking your knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis. In the same article, they also talk about how the CRACK sound is caused by Cavitation, which is a process in which joints get pulled apart  slightly, and the pressure reduces between the 2 joints, which causes the bubbles made by the fluid between your joints to burst and make a popping sound.


Does your hair ever feel thicker or more coarse after shaving it? Well, if you’re scared of becoming a gorilla after shaving too many times, don’t worry! Hair doesn’t really grow back thicker after shaving/cutting it. An article titled ”Does Hair Really Grow Back Thicker or Darker After Shaving?” Says- “As early as 1928, a clinical trial showed that shaving had no effect on hair growth,” they wrote. “More recent studies confirm that shaving does not affect the thickness or rate of hair regrowth. In addition, shaving removes the dead portion of hair, not the living section lying below the skin’s surface, so it is unlikely to affect the rate or type of growth.” This proves that hair has no way to make your hair become thicker or more coarse after shaving. Besides, if this was true, then bald people probably wouldn’t exist. They would just have to shave, and BAM! Their hair would be back on their head.


   If you cross your eyes they will stay that way! This is in fact another lie told by our parents. Your eyes are supposed to be able to move up, down, and side to side and we can do this because we have 6 muscles that allow our eyes to move! If you weren’t able to cross your eyes then that basically defeats the whole purpose. An article called “Is Crossing Your Eyes Harmful?” by the Optimistics clinic says, ”Crossing your eyes can cause muscle fatigue (much like when you exercise any other muscle), but it won’t have any lasting effect.”. Anyway, you can cross your eyes all you want and we promise they won’t get stuck like that, so no need to worry!


In any case, we shouldn’t just believe ANYTHING we hear on the street about our bodies. We all think we know our bodies well, but unless you’re a doctor or scientist of some sort, then we should only believe facts about our body that have solid evidence behind them. 




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