Textbook Troubles 😯

Photo from thevisionmsms.org

Did you know that children are carrying as much as 30% to 40% of their body weight on their backs? The school year starts and along with it a load of books is given to us for each class, some people are always complaining about how heavy their backpacks are, and we’ve also noticed that we (students) are carrying heavy textbooks, and we thought, that may be the reason of backpacks being heavy is because of the number of textbooks that we carry every day, so Sophia, and I decided to look into this topic.

We started by introducing this idea to our other colleagues and they seemed to like it. So we went off to interview a couple of students from this school to see what they thought, so here’s what they said.

The question we asked was, “Do you think your backpack is heavy?” and  “Do you think your backpack is heavy because of textbooks,” and “Are your teachers making you bring your textbooks every day?”

Isabel Jones responded “Yes I think my backpack is heavy and I do believe it’s because of textbooks. Yeah, my math teacher and my English teacher do make me bring textbooks for to class, but they’re small, so they don’t take up that much space.”

 So this shows that sometimes backpacks are heavy because of textbooks. We asked her two last questions which were “Do you think textbooks are necessary since we have the online edition, and would you like to get rid of textbooks?

Isabel Jones said, “ For some classes are necessary because I like to write. Well, for English I would rather write on google docs, and for math, there’s like a version for textbooks online and id rather use the online version online.

Dustin Rojas was also on the side of online textbooks when we asked “Do you think your backpack is heavy?” he said “No, not really, but I still think that the online edition is a better alternative.”

 On this note, we were wondering if any of his teachers made him bring his books to school which he said “Well, it depends. My math teacher makes me bring my textbook every day. And my English teacher, like today, and the next and the next.”

 We also asked if he would prefer no textbooks. “Probably, yeah. Because it’s like we can do everything else online like on google docs or anything else.” 

We found lots of mixed answers. Some said that they liked the idea of no textbooks but some enjoyed the textbooks. Overall we had a 50/50 opinion.

Here’s an answer from Justice Blackshear“ Yeah, my math teacher and I do bring textbooks for English, but they are small, so they don’t take up that much space.

Along with your back aching because of caring for those heavy books, do you know how many trees are cut down to produce paper?

30,000,000 trees are needed for textbooks each year which makes Paper Production one of the major causes of deforestation. So what’s a better option?  Well one of the easier and most 

Modern options are going online because, most schools are using computers these years a better option would be to use the online version of textbooks, and yes we are aware that some people like to write on paper to work on problems or write quick drafts but cutting down on the Paper Production by reducing textbooks if not all some would be a greater help to students and the planet.

So as you can see in textbooks there are multiple points of view to this article. But what do you think are textbooks all that good should we keep them or not?