Food is at the next level!

Olivia Campos and Jazmin Duarte

Advanced Foods is the newest elective here at Dodson Middle School. One of our newest teachers Ms.O’Hanlon, has only been at our school for 2 years, yet her class is one of the most popular. She taught Beginning Foods last year and now is instructing both the beginning and advanced classes.

Advanced Foods is an elective only available for 7th and 8th graders. It is a year-long class, as opposed to Beginning Foods, which is only for a semester. The requirements to be accepted into this class is to take Beginning Foods, and then you must have Ms. O’Hanlon’s signature on your elective sheet.

Ms. O’Hanlon has experience teaching an advanced class before, but at the high school level. In Beginning Foods, you develop skills and you learn the basics. In the Advanced Foods class, the teacher already knows you so there’s more trust in the classroom. Therefore some of the activities are more independent. Ms. O’Hanlon hopes that throughout the year they will do catering, participating in small competitions, and cake decorating which can be similar to Beginning Foods. Student Katherine Faust says that she “likes the fact that we can cook more challenging foods this year.”

Mmmmm. I can smell the food already!