Electivo de Espanol (Spanish elective)

Jeri Baccari and Jazmin Duarte

Dodson Middle School has many electives from which to choose, including horticulture, band, drama, and many others. There’s also a Spanish elective to learn and understand a new language. In this case, Spanish is the language being studied and memorized, to make it easier to understand those who maybe don’t speak English and just happen to speak Spanish. This Spanish elective will help many students communicate in a new way. The class, which is in B17, receives daily homework. In addition, students complete oral projects. The class offers high school credit to students who pass. It counts as Spanish 1; this means that successful students would start with Spanish 2 when they get to high school.

Mrs. Ramos, the Spanish teacher here at Dodson, has been teaching Spanish for 4 years now and loves teaching the classes. Mrs. Ramos said, “It’s the most fun I have all day, even though it can be difficult!” In this elective, the students not only learn about the language, but they also learn about the culture, food, and expressions. This an honors class and presentations are very common, and the students love the class. The presentations may be scary, but after getting used to them, the students start to enjoy presenting. The projects include Powerpoint family trees, recipes, music with original lyrics, pints, Day of the Dead presentations, Cinco de Mayo presentations, skits, and a project for every chapter. The chapter vocabulary from the textbook helps the students learn. Also, they sing the alphabet and make posters in Spanish! The students study in groups to help each other understand more about the given information, such as Mexican culture. This may be an elective that hands out a lot of work, but after realizing it’s not that bad, the class can be really fun!