Arely Valenciana
Hi! My name is Arely Valenciana! Out of all my 6th periods I like journalism! I like journalism because it feels cool to be writing the school newspaper for the school! What I like to do outside of school is either play with my dog, relax, or hang out with my neighbor! In the future I am looking forward to be a nurse. I have one older brother. My favorite food is sushi. My favorite dessert is chocolate fudge. The school I went to last year was President Avenue Elem. School, which is near Narbonne High School. My favorite book is The Hunger Games. My favorite teacher from this school would have to be my history teacher! I like my history teacher because he is very nice, and fun! I am a girly girl, and I LOVE nail polish! I'm not a fan of shopping for clothes. But everything else is fine. My favorite band is called'' Why Don't We'.' That is all you would need to know about me... And hey is you see me feel free to say "Hi" No need to be shy! Don't worry I won't bite!

Arely Valenciana, Staff Writer

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Arely Valenciana