Kimberly F.
Whenever I'm bored or I want to do something the first thing that comes to mind is Overwatch. I like to play Overwatch because everyday I go and play with my friends and meet new people and make new friends. I like going to play custom games because I can experience new custom games and see what fun games people create. I also like to do Cheer because it can keep me busy and I'm not just going to be sitting in front of a screen all day and I can actually do something else that I enjoy doing. Playing Overwatch and doing Cheer is something that keeps me busy so the time can go by fast and I can go and have fun with my friends while playing Overwatch and doing Cheer with my friends.


Kimberly F., Community Editor

Mar 19, 2019
#BoyChallenge Tik Tok (Story)
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Kimberly F.