The First Dance of the Year

Jazmin Duarte, Assistant Page Editor


On September 3rd, 2015, Dodson threw a party at Carter Hall during lunch. You needed to pay 50 cents to enter Carter Hall and to enjoy the dance, which was open to any student on campus. Once inside, you were able to dance all you want; no one was judging you. There were plenty of students on the dance floor, breaking it down. If you would have walked or danced around, you would see many happy faces and you wouldn’t be able to stand the urge to dance. No one had to worry about people judging their dancing skills. Everyone was on their feet either dancing or just enjoying the music. Speaking of music, there were lots of favorite songs playing. Each time a new song started to play, a group of students would shout out and start dancing to the song. Every dance has got to have music no matter what. If there were no music, the dance would have been dull and boring. Thank goodness this dance didn’t turn out to be one of those dances where you don’t know what to do. That would possibly have been a nightmare.


Everyone at the dance was having fun and  a lot of students were messing around with their friends. A lot of the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders thought the dance was cool. They also said that the dance was pretty fun. The dance hit it off pretty good and many of the students were really sad to know that the dance was over by the time the lights turned on. I mean, who wants a party to end so soon? The dance was a great place to be and the students who attended the dance can say pretty much the same thing. Let’s just say that a lot of students didn’t want the dance to be over so soon. Let’s hope the next dance will be as good as this one.