Devious Licks: Cool or Criminal?

Devious Licks: Cool or Criminal?

A soap dispenser here. A roll of toilet paper there. Over the past few days, a trend has come along known as ¨Devious Licks¨, A trend where students will go around their school and steal whatever they can. Over the length of this trend, the ¨licks¨ have gotten more and more extreme, going from simple paper and school supplies to whole whiteboards, chairs, and fans.

This entire trend stems from an unknown TikToker posting themselves stealing disposable masks with the captions, ¨a month into school absolutely devious lick.¨ Since then, many students around the country copied this, stealing anything that wasn’t nailed down, and then those started disappearing too. Soap dispensers, paper towel rolls, doors, and more objects were added to the list of disappearing school property.

What is the 'devious lick' TikTok challenge?¨I think that it’s sad that students don´t want to take care of the school,¨ said Ms. Ellis. ¨It also encourages students not to think for themselves. I think a lot of the TikTok challenges can be dangerous. some can be positive, but licks are not positive and it makes the environment negative.¨

¨ It’s annoying because I can’t use my phone between breaks because it looks suspicious,” said a disappointed Samantha Lignat. “And it’s not cool when you could get in trouble for it.”

The average penalty for juvenile vandalism is fines, community service, and 3 years of informal probation.  The penalty for stealing is a half-year in county jail and fines up to $1,000. Most Devious Licks require you to do one of them or both.

A few kids have already been arrested for damaging school property and punished by the school for leaving during class hours. According to Yahoo News, ¨At least 13 students across the United States are facing criminal charges for their involvement in the popular ¨Devious Lick¨ Challenge as authorities urge parents to speak to their teens.¨

The “Devious Licks” Trend was, is, and always will be a bad idea. What’s more important, getting one or two views on a social media platform, or staying lawful and not getting in trouble? If you know someone who will, or has done this, please report them to the front desk. Make our school safe again.



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