The Misunderstandment of Spiders and Insects

The Misunderstandment of Spiders and Insects

Brandon Dionicio

There are many things that are scary to us or maybe just frighten us. We have fears of heights, the dark, and so much more. We shouldn’t be afraid of these things because they are mostly harmless. Some fears we have seem confusing, but when we learn about them, they aren’t as scary as before. What are you afraid of? Since a lot of people don’t like spiders or insects like me, we interviewed some people to see what they think about spiders and other insects.

“I don’t like insects because hey can ruin gardens and homes, andI hate insects and spiders because they look weird,” Kaylain says. Belinda says, “I don’t like insects and spiders because they can bite you and they look super gross.”. “I don’t really care about spiders and insects because of how they are,” says Adam Angel.  “I don’t really like spiders because I’m scared of them and they are creepy in the way they look,” says 8th grader Noah Gonzalez. Jonathan Duarte 8th grade says, “I think spiders are kinda creepy because they have eight legs.”

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A lot of people have a fear of spiders because of how they look. We saw people give their opinions about spiders and insects, but these creatures are actually good. Spiders are friendly creatures, and the only ones that we shouldn’t go near are the venomous ones. Spiders help us humans a lot and they are responsible for getting rid of thousands of mosquitoes in their lifetime. According to, a spider’s web can be 5x stronger than STEEL!  Scientists are studying how something so small can produce such a strong web after many experiments. We really should respect spiders because they help us understand even more mysteries in life and we should thank them for what they do.

 Insects are also very much misunderstood by humans because of how they look. An insect’s diet may be gross, but what they eat actually helps the earth. Some insects are dung-eaters, aka they eat the waste that we and other animals produce . Even though this seems disgusting, they are responsible for cleaning a LOT of waste in the whole world. If it weren’t for insects, the world would be a lot yuckier. This is why insects and spiders shouldn’t be misunderstood because they help us and the Earth.