September Dolphin Pride Drawing


Marco Melone, Staff Writer

Many people won all kinds of prizes at this month’s Dolphin Pride drawing last week on the Lombino Lawn, ran by Leadership. People like Kayla Lepe and Keira Stafford, won things like gift cards to Starbucks and Target. It was a fun time and people who are literate individuals were honored.

These literate people included Jenia Joseph, Demenico Barbizan, Emily Montes, Samual Filio, Julianna Espinoza, Chibueze Ndukwe, Jada Garcia, Keira Strafford, Ana Bilaver and Kayla Lepe. Also the after school and elective dancers performed an amazing dance at the stage. So now we can have another fun Dolphin Pride drawing next month on October 20th for problem solvers.