Vending Machines: Disappeared


Nathan Ryan and Marco Figueroa

This is where the vending machines were after they took them away.  PC: Alicia Bahena

At our school, Dodson Middle School, the vending machines disappeared during the summer. We students don’t know why they disappeared. Most of the students we have asked complain about waiting in the student store line for a while. Some students are mad that the vending machines are gone because they liked the snacks and drinks that they had. However, others say they are happy that the machines were taken away.

Some students say that they are happy the vending machines are gone. They say the lines blocked the passageway to the field. Others say that the snacks were too expensive.  Also, people shake the machines in an attempt to get free food. But this practice also breaks the machine. Sometimes students report the snacks not coming out and having to waste double the money. The same reason kept popping up and instead of getting stuck in the springs, the snack got stuck in the window. This is a big reason why they may have taken them away.

Regarding the disappearance of the vending machines, assistant principal Mr. Olmos answered that the vending machines presented a safety concern. The safety concern is that the flow of the students walking in that walkway is bad. That walkway is too crowded. Students would shake the vending machines so they can get their item. Mr. Olmos said that the vending machines might be broken from people shaking the vending machines or because they are old. The real reason they took them away is for the safety of students. Who knows if they will bring them back, but for now they have disappeared.