Astrocamp 2017

India McEwan, Staff Writer

Astrocamp is a yearly activity for the culminating class of Dodson Middle School. This year, the camp lasts from November 18-20 (Saturday-Monday), and it takes place in Idyllwild of the San Jacinto Mountains. The fee for the camp is $275 for students and $138 for interested parent chaperones.

Sadly, only 200 magnet and SAS students are allowed to go. It is first come, first served, which means that the first 200 eligible students that pay the full fee are permitted to go.

To attend, a student cannot have more than 1 Unsatisfactory mark on the most recent report card. They also could not have engaged in any egregious acts or have any major behavior infractions at the school (ex., fights, sexual assault, etc.).

Dodson chooses to participate in this camp because it not only helps students gain experiences that can assist in academics, but it encourages group work and effective ways to collaborate.

All of this information in greater detail can be found on the Dodson Middle School website on the tab Astrocamp.

Some of the activities include zip lining, vine walk, scavenger hunt, rocket building, just to name a few. We received breakfast, lunch, free time and dinner. We had four-six activities/classes each day, night activities, and then quiet time in the dorms.

It was a really fun and educational experience that taught me team work and listening skills. I am very glad that I went and hopefully other kids that go can have as much fun as I did!