#BoyChallenge Tik Tok

Kimberly F., Staff Writer

There is a trend that is going around that girls with hoodies go along with a song called “Soulja Boy Challenge” and at the right motion they come out looking like boys! I watched a video on YouTube titled “BEST Boy Challenge Musical.ly Compilation 2018|The Best #BoyChallenge Tik Tok Collection.” I was actually surprised and thought, “Is that their twin brother or what?!” It was actually surprising to see the girl turn into a boy just 5 or 10 seconds later. I watched multiple videos and I even watched some with my brother and he said, “You know what… I’m done with life! There is no way that those girls just went away for like 10 seconds and come back looking like boys! NO WAY!” After that my brother stormed out and went to play some Overwatch.

When I saw the girls in the videos do the challenge I decided that I wanted to do it, and let me tell you it was an EPIC FAIL! LITERALLY! but I really don’t care because at least I tried. When I tried to do it, my mom literally said “Kim, what are you doing?” After that I looked at my mom and said, “I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE! YOU KNOW I’M WEIRD!” I really didn’t care at all though. I had fun doing it even though it was dumb for me to do.

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Example of the #BoyChallenge

I actually think that the boy challenge is fun and I had a friend pretend to be a boy for Halloween last year and I was so confused because she actually looked like a boy but it was just a costume and it looked pretty realistic, I actually thought she was someone else, but I found out it was her. When I tried out the boy challenge I was like “What am I doing?” It was really fun to try though even though I embarrassed myself.

When I think about the #BoyChallenge I feel like it is like a little like exploring the opposite gender and it is making you laugh when you look at yourself after you are done with it and you just look at yourself and you are like what am I doing?!