Donald Trump Shuts Down the Government!

Arely Valenciana and Aliza Lopez

Donald Trump shuts down the government. The shutdown began after Trump and Democrats failed to come to an agreement on whether to allocate funds to a wall on the US southern border. December 22 Donald Trump shuts down the government and Democratic politicians hit an impasse over the president’s request for $5B in funding for a wall on the US- Mexico border, a demand Democrats oppose. On January 25, 35 days into the shutdown, Trump reported he came up with a deal with congressional leaders. They decide to reopen the government for about three weeks while they came up with an agreement for the border. This shutdown had affected about 80,000 federal workers in nine different departments. Federal employees sued the US government. They reported some employees worked without receiving any salary. Unions representing workers have led protests throughout the country, demanding to put an end to this shutdown. Their plan is that they are willing to fund security measures that do not include the wall.

This shutdown is recorded to be the longest government shutdown in the nation’s history, and there aren’t any meetings planned or any intentions of ending this shutdown. Democrats won’t agree to give him any money, which means that the shutdown will still continue, which means that people aren’t getting paid, and some aren’t even working. A lot of agencies have been affected because of this, they are depending on the government to fund them. Trump does not want to declare a national emergency, even though the White House has set everything up.