The Real Story of Disney Princesses


Khailah Halll and CJ Gowdy

We all have at least watched some Disney princess movies, even if it was partially. What if I told you that not all the movies and stories we were watching as a kid was made out to be their original stories? 

Snow White 

Snow White is a story about a girl who was hated by her evil stepmother so much that she was sent to get rid of her. Snow white was okay after the incident and she went to hide away with the seven dwarfs. Once the queen discovered this she disguised herself out to be an old peddler woman just to give Snow White a poisonous apple. The apple was fatal but she was later awakened by a prince. But this is just the story you were told. The ending was a little extended to the story as once the witch attended the wedding and was later recognized by the prince, she was forced to dance in red hot iron shoes until she passed.


The Cinderella story that we know of was quite simple. A young girl. Wicked stepmother. Two jealous stepsisters. Talking animals. A fairy godmother. Glass slippers. And a ball. One thing they heavily missed was when the two step-sisters were trying on the glass slipper that one had cut off their toe and the other cut their heel off just to fit into the slipper. Although it didn’t make much of a difference to the ending, Cinderella’s pigeon pals had plucked the step-sister’s eyes out for the post-wedding entertainment.

Sleeping Beauty 

Sleeping Beauty was the story of a girl who was cursed and awoken by a kiss. In the real story, she was Originally named Talia. Not many things were altered from the original version, but the ending was significantly different. A king finds her out in the woods asleep because crows flew into his house. He then leaves her with twins, which was the only reason that she woke up. She lives the rest of her life with these twins.

Sleeping Beauty - Wikipedia

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was a story of a mermaid who fell deeply in love with a human. She made it her dream and her goal to make it to the surface and marry this man (who she literally had just met). She ventures to this sea-witch who allows her to go up to the surface in return for her voice. The sea witch then follows up the surface and attempts to make the human fall in love with her instead. She fails and Ariel ends up getting the guy and her voice back. Really the story of the Little Mermaid was a lot different than Disney made it to be. Instead of the sea witch taking her voice she had taken her tongue and her legs. Every time she would walk she would feel a pain striking in her foot. The real tale ends with the prince marrying another woman. Since the prince married another woman she had to get rid of him or she would disappear. She failed to do this and later turned into sea foam. 

The Little Mermaid


The story of Mulan was originally written as a poem named “The Ballad of Mulan”. The Disney story of Mulan is when a girl takes the place of her ill father in the army. She disguises herself as a man and was trained as one. Later they found she was a woman and was dismissed. She later returns to warn the soldiers that an attack was going to be made and saves them. In the original story, Mulan met the king’s daughter who also turned out to be a warrior. They refused to leave each other’s side and they grew close. Once the war was lost they were both spared. Once Mulan returned home she was greeted by her father’s death and her mother’s remarriage. Her identity was revealed and she was forced to be a concubine or mistress. 

Mulan: What's The Real History Behind The Chinese Legend? - HistoryExtra


Rapunzel is the story of a princess who was kidnapped by a witch so she could stay young. In the Disney version, she later discovers she’s a princess with the help of her later love interest., who she met because he was trying to escape the police chasing him for robbery. She is returned to her family. In the original story when the witch learned that she was seeing a man every night she catches him and pushes him off the tower. He survived but was blinded from the fall. He is lost in the forest. Later on, he finds Rapunzel (and the twins they had together) due to her singing voice. They end up living a happy life until they eventually died.

Rapunzel - Wikipedia

Overall several Disney stories have been altered to fit the perspectives and imagination of children. All of these movies are still popular to this day while the original stories are hardly known.