5 Things to do When Bored


When you’ve run through the best movies on Netflix and find yourself pacing between the fridge and the couch, you know the dreaded boredom monster has come knocking. But don’t worry! You’re not alone! Boredom comes for us all eventually, and I have picked out my favorite tips to maybe help you out.

*Some of the following information comes from a website, 100+ Things to Do When You’re Bored to Pass the Time, By Selena Barrientos* 

  1. Play an instrument

If you don’t know how, this is the perfect time to learn how to pluck out your favorite tune on the piano, guitar, or any other fun instrument. 

  1. Put together a care package

 Take the focus off your doldrums by making a friend or family member feel extra special. Mail them a package full of their favorite things (perhaps some of their favorite wellness gifts?

  1. Put on a face mask

For a quick pick-me-up, apply a relaxing face mask. There’s one for just about every skin concern, including dry skin, acne, or brightening up a dull complexion. Whatever ails you, there’s a mask for that.

Here are some homemade face masks that you could make at home:

For Dry skin: Honey & Avocado mask

For oily or acne-prone skin: bentonite clay & green tea mask

For sensitive skin: cucumber-honey-tea mask

For sensitive skin: oatmeal-yogurt-honey mask

For redness-prone skin: matcha & aloe vera mask


  1. Write to a deployed soldier

Many military members who are deployed far from home can get homesick, especially if they don’t have family or friends who write to them. Help connect them with someone who cares by writing a soldier a letter.

            Here are 2 websites/articles that could help you write a letter to a soldier: 

  1. Straighten up your junk drawer

That drawer or space where you put everything because you don’t know where else to put it? Yeah, it could definitely use some organizing.


Well, looks like we’re done with this short article. Hope you enjoyed reading and maybe try some of these tips when your bored !! 

*Here are some more pictures of people representing boredom in this school!* Photos by: Ayah Hagelshikh and Camille Jones